Top and Best DevOps Training institute in Chennai

Finding a good training institute is very tough job. We will discuss on it later. Before that let’s know what is DevOps and why tp learn DevOps –

What is DevOps

What Is DevOps? Complete Guide to Best Practices - Orange Matter

With the constant evolution of IT systems, organizations now place a premium on speed and adaptability. This need has resulted in a significant shift in the IT delivery system. To keep ahead of the competition, firms must now produce and release a better products on the market. To analyze and adopt information, trends, and new developments, as well as satisfy the expectations of time-to-market features, organizations require an agile approach.

DevOps is an example of a cultural shift in the IT industry that demonstrates how software development and IT operations may collaborate to minimize time to market. People have started monitoring the outcomes for firms who use it because it has such a high profile in the market.

DevOps is a set of strategies and tools meant to help a company produce applications and services more quickly than traditional software development procedures.

Stages of DevOps lifecycle

  • Plan – Teams identify the business requirement and gather end-user feedback at this level. During this stage, they design a project roadmap to optimize business value and deliver the intended product.
  • Code – At this point, the code is being developed. To streamline the development process, the development teams employ tools and plugins like Git, which helps them prevent security problems and bad coding standards.
  • Build – Once developers have completed their assignment, they use build tools such as Maven and Gradle to commit the code to the common code repository.
  • Test – Once the build is complete, it is sent to the test environment for various forms of testing, such as user acceptability testing, security testing, integration testing, performance testing, and so on, using tools such as JUnit and Selenium to assure software quality.
  • Release – At this point, the build is ready to be deployed in the production environment. Depending on the organizational demands, the operations team schedules releases or sends multiple releases to production once the build passes all tests.
  • Deploy – Infrastructure-as-Code assists in the creation of the production environment, which is then released using various technologies.
  • Operate – Customers can utilize the release right now. Using tools like Chef, the operations team takes care of server configuration and provisioning at this point.
  • Monitor – The DevOps pipeline is monitored at this level using data gathered from consumer behavior, application performance, and other sources. The ability to monitor the entire environment aids teams in identifying bottlenecks affecting the development and operations teams’ productivity.

Why to learn DevOps

  • A DevOps certification will help you improve your professional credibility.
  • You become a part of a rapidly expanding industry.
  • You receive the pay and position that you want.
  • DevOps teaches you how to improve your company’s culture.
  • The primary reason for rapid software release is DevOps.
  • You’ll be exposed to cutting-edge technology and tools.
  • You have a better understanding of the SDLC process.
  • You have the potential to become a valuable asset to any firm.
  • You’ll learn about the CI/CD workflow.

What are the prerequisites to learn DevOps

There is no prerequisite to learn DevOps but Basic knowledge of Linux, cloud computing, and programing language would be great.

Top and Best DevOps Training institute in Chennai

In my consideration, DevOpsSchool is the best DevOps Training institute in Chennai. how?.. Let’s discuss-

Whenever we try to find the best institute, what do we find? A better course content, professional institute, Good and experienced trainer, Cheap training cost, Placement, Different payment methods, and suitable class timings.

DevOpsSchool gives it all to you. It provides instructor-led online training to train you from its best expert trainers who has 16+ years of experience. Ter course content has been made as per IT industry expectations and DevOps practices, so you can get the best and better job results and career paths. They provide online training, class recordings, flexible class timings, experienced trainers, hands-on practice ( project), internship, best training cost, different payment methods, a good learning environment, and many more. They also provide classroom training but the condition is you should have more than 10 candidates with you.

They have trained so many participants so far and being in this training industry for 6+ years with a good success rate. If you are looking for a good DevOps training institute in Chennai. Then you should go for DevOpsSchool. At least try it once.

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