Information Technology (IT) jobs are no longer just for tech start-ups and networking companies. Almost every industry from medical, hotel to fashion relies on technology and the internet to make their business work.

With the rapidly increasing developments in the ITs, Canada does not lag behind but has seen technologies like DevOps, AI, Cloud, Containers, Machine learning, etc. rising up. With this rapid development of IT in Canada, it has managed to formulate itself as an emerging and evolving tech country, and tech big names like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. have noticed and studied this growth.

In the year 2019 it surprised everyone when it was published by various reports that the tech sector of Canada is the fastest-growing one in the world. One of Canada’s cities “Toronto” left behind Silicon Valley and climbed up in the list of the fastest-growing tech markets.

No doubt, IT offers a various range of profiles and work, best salaries and a big number of jobs and opportunities and Canada’s IT industry has a lot to offer if you are qualified and certified in any specific domain.

The below-mentioned certified professionals are recognized as the most in-demand profiles in 2021 in Canada.

  1. Master in DevOps Engineering (MDE)
  2. DevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP)
  3. SRE Certified Professional (SRECP)
  4. Docker & Kubernetes Certified Engineer
  5. Master in Microservices
  6. Master in Artificial Intelligence
  7. Master in Machine Learning
  8. Master in Big Data/Data Analytics/Data Science
  9. Master in AIOps
  10. Master in DataOps

Master in DevOps Engineering (MDE):- DevOps has a great and promising future in the coming years too. It has revolutionized the software development and deployment process completely by eliminating the conflicts between two different team development and operations, one of the biggest challenges that the software development industry has faced for a long time. This is the reason it is counted amongst – one of the most in-demand certifications of the Industry in Canada.

DevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP):- Demand of Certified DevSecOps Professionals are growing rapidly as the number of cyberattacks are increasing day by day. The DevSecOps engineers ensure that the organization’s network and IT infrastructure are free from security loopholes. DevSecOps professionals generally bridge the gaps between IT and security while ensuring safe and fast delivery of the code. With DevSecOps implementation, two seemingly opposing goals “speed of delivery” and “secure code” merged into one process through which critical security issues are dealt with as they become apparent, not after a threat or compromise has occurred.

SRE Certified Professional (SRECP):- Introduced by Google and recently gained fame in the industry SRE engineers. They try to improve operations once the code deploys to production, focusing mainly on operations and maintaining highly available services. In other words, we can say SRE professionals emphasize on maintaining uninterrupted operations from the beginning to the end of a software development life cycle (SDLC). As introduced by Google – made it one of the most in-demand certifications of the Industry.

Master in Artificial Intelligence:- With the continuous evolution in technologies – Machine Learning is the latest sill that businesses wants to include into their business model. Artificial Intelligence implementation in all the prospects of the business sectors is certainly expanding its market size with an expected rise of $190.61 Billion by 2025. With the increased market size, it is evident that job opportunities for skilled and certified professionals will be on high demand. According to few studies, it is evaluated the AI will create an average of 2.3 million jobs globally in the near future.

Master in Machine Learning:- Machine learning engineers develop solutions that usually automate the common tasks handled by humans. Most of these tasks are repetitive based on condition and action pairs- which machines can perform without errors, efficiently. Pursuing a certification course in Machine learning can help you to get excellent growth in sectors ranging from healthcare to retail, logistics, manufacturing, and so on. Having this skill makes you a hot resource in any sector, which leaves a lot of open avenues for you to choose from.

Master in AIOps:- AIOps is going to be the Future for IT Operations. This will change the way we use to manage the infrastructure. Why? Because data explosion is here, and the traditional tools and processes are unable to completely handle its creation, storage, analysis, and management. Thus, this is going to be the next big change in the IT’s and skilled and certified professionals will be required to take up the tasks.

Master in Microservices:- Designing your product or application architecture can be tough as much a business decision as a technological one. Microservices is a particular way of developing software, where applications are structured as a collection of autonomous services OR we can say its a way where a large complex application are broken down into individual small-apps that are responsible for one specific product function. This skill allows large companies to gain agility and new tech capabilities to meet the growing customer demands.

Master in DataOps:- DataOps is a new methodology that will help to collaborate DevOps teams, data engineers and data scientists to bring agility and speed to the end-to-end pipeline process, beginning with the collection and ending with delivery. It will help organizations to bring together the Agile framework, DevOps, and lean manufacturing. Thus, this is also going to be a next big change in the IT’s and skilled and certified professionals will be required to take up the tasks.

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