The Singapore economy motivates thousands of professionals to its shores each year. The whole world is going digital. Almost everything, every services is adopting the digital boom.

And Singapore is no behind and becoming a new silicon valley of ASIA. This is the reason, demand of certified professionals has elicited a dramatic ballooning in the IT/tech industry of Singpore and the industry will grow even more.

In the current days, Singapore has grown to become a first-rate technology hub, with surprising 80 of the world’s 100 top-rated IT/tech firms operating in the city-state.

And if we will count this report then “The Economic Development Board of Singapore is projecting the ICT industry to create more than 50,000 jobs in the next couple of years, adding to the pool of some 180,000 ICT professionals currently hired here; with a great deal of the opportunities coming from Silicon Valley behemoths such as Dell, Apple, Visa, and Amazon.

A large part of the increase in demand for talent is simply because technology companies, large and small, are using Singapore as a launch pad for the region.

Tech professionals who are willing to come to Singapore will definitely enjoy the type of career growth opportunities available here, but come up with skills, knowledge and certification, that will help you to get a bag a good job and will give you good career growth.

Now, let’s discuss about top 10 certification you can do that are most in-demand currently in Singapore.

  1. Master in DevOps Engineering (MDE):- Each tech organization these days is contending to find the best DevOps talent to reinforce their operations. A certification in DevOps is an absolute win-win scenario, for the professional and the organization. Getting certified in DevOps will not only provide added value to an individual’s profile as an DevOps specialist. But also advance career prospects faster than would usually be possible. The demand for certified DevOps professionals is quite high as compared to the professionals availability.
  2. DevSecOps Certified Professional (DSOCP):- DevSecOps is latest trend in IT sector that is gaining popularity. THis is an extended form of DevOps after adding the component of security on it. In the age of internet, by default cyber attacks will be a part of the process which cannot be neglected for a second. This is the reason, more and more organizations are adopting the DevSecOps as the accepted means of project development. Thus, the prospect of more career opportunities for certified DevSecOps professionals are bright.
  3. SRE Certified Professional (SRECP):- Site Reliability Engineering is the collaboration of traditional IT into DevOps. This concept helps to collaborate across traditional IT boundaries to modernize IT service management. This is a relatively new role introduced by google in 2017 which requires a different mindset and approach than most other IT careers. If this sounds interesting, then gain a certification on SRE – your chances would be very high to bag great JOB in Singapore “city state”
  4. Docker & Kubernetes Certified Engineer:- The container management tool Docker and Kubernetes are used in DevOps process to manage software parts as isolated, self-sufficient containers that can be deployed and run in any environment. In today’s market, professionals with Docker and Kubernetes skills are highly sought.
  5. Master in Microservices:- Designing your product or application architecture can be tough as much a business decision as a technological one. Microservices is a particular way of developing software, where applications are structured as a collection of autonomous services OR we can say its a way where a large complex application are broken down into individual small-apps that are responsible for one specific product function. This skill allows large companies to gain agility and new tech capabilities to meet the growing customer demands.
  6. Master in Artificial Intelligence:- This is one of the best certifications you can own if you want to lead the AI-driven technological revolution. It is not just about replacing the human component of the industry. It’s also about making it easier to make decisions based on observable patterns, use logic and reasoning to form conclusions, and build pathways to boost efficiency and production. It is not an easy discipline, but this is the reason why salaries in the AI industry are much higher than average.
  7. Master in Machine Learning:- Machine Learning is one of the fast-emerging technology with high demand in the industry. Whether it be medicine, cybersecurity, automobiles, etc. all these fields are exploring the capabilities of machine learning. It’s obvious that learning more about Machine Learning and becoming a Certified Machine Learning Professional is a great idea and may even be a very wise career move! Naturally, you will be a hot asset for potential employers if you possess domain knowledge and skills in this field.
  8. Master in Big Data/Data Analytics/Data Science:- Companies collect a huge amount of data and BIG Data engineers and Data Scientists help them make sense of that data and understand it to improve performance and their business. This is the reason demand for Certified Data Scientists, Big data engineers or Data analytics JOBS are in high demand in SIngapore.
  9. Master in AIOps:- AIOps is going to be the Future for IT Operations. This will change the way we use to manage the infrastructure. Why? Because data explosion is here, and the traditional tools and processes are unable to completely handle its creation, storage, analysis, and management. Thus, this is going to be a next big change in the IT’s and skilled and certified professionals will required to take up the tasks.
  10. Master in DataOps:- DataOps is a new methodology that will help to collaborate DevOps teams, data engineers and data scientists to bring agility and speed to the end-to-end pipeline process, beginning with the collection and ending with delivery. It will help organizations to bring together the Agile framework, DevOps, and lean manufacturing. Thus, this is also going to be a next big change in the IT’s and skilled and certified professioanls will required to take up the tasks.

The certification acts as a testimonial of your skills, and that is why it is very important for you to acquire the necessary certifications from reputed institues in Singapore.

Hope you would found this list of Tech/IT Certification Courses in Singapore useful. Whether you’re a new working professional or an experienced professional, you won’t have trouble following these courses. At DevOpsSchool all of these certification courses are delivered by best-in-class trainers and mentors who will guide you every step of the way. Before selecting any certifications program, one only needs to be clear about your goal, know which path to take, and preserve in order to make the best of that opportunity.

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