9 Steps You Should Follow to Start a Software Development Business

As time is changing world is also changing, including their working styles, behaviors, and thoughts. And with changing things so many new things have also popped up like AI and machine learning.

So, what is the status of their salaries and how many new jobs have come, and what is happening with the previous job roles?

Today we will discuss over all these topics.

That means our topic is going to be the top 10 high-paying software job roles of 2022.

Let’s start –

DevOps engineer – According to Puppet Labs report world is showing DevOps adoption. As DevOps is being adopted, the DevOps engineer’s salary is also increasing day by day and according to their experiences.

It always feels nice having such a good package as salary. Somewhere it increases motivation. Mine increase. Lol

So yes of course it is under trending and will show the up-gradation in DevOps career in upcoming years as well.

As the reports are showing, the DevOps job roles are going to be under the top 10 lists.

SRE engineer – Site reliability engineer is an important part of operations and is still being used by so many companies. That means SRE engineers are still in demand and will be in upcoming years as well.

As SRE has been originated by Google Company, their salaries are high.

Recently it has been seen that SRE adoption has increased by the number of companies. As many companies adopt SRE the value of SRE will increase. That means the salary will also increase and of course, it is already in a good package. The current package in India is 8 to 40 lakh.

DevSecOps engineer – DevSecOps is a security concern concept used by so many companies. The average salary of a DevSecOps engineer is 10, 00,000 in India.

DevSecOps engineers need some skillsets to get the job like Programming and code writing, risk assessment and threat modeling techniques, Strong communication, and teamwork skills.

It has been forecasted the DevSecOps market growth will expand 33% more this year.

Cloud engineer – The global cloud revenue is forecast to reach $474 billion in 2022 that is more than $408 billion in 2021.

As cloud value increases the Cloud engineer’s job roles are also getting increased. And it is in demand these days. Our so many works have been done in clouds, like sharing our files, storing, etc.

DevSecOps engineer’s salary in India is approx. 10 lakhs.

The growth of DevSecOps engineers is looking good this year. As DevSecOps is a concept of security so it will always be n priority. That means DevSecOps engineer’s future is safe here.

AIOps engineer – AIOps is to automate the task to analyze the issue quickly and to solve the problem without any help from humans.

AIOps takes help from machine learning and big data to understand and solve the problems.

AIOps is a big buzz in the market as it is the latest technology as well as very crucial.

AIOps engineer’s future is very good and is in demand to handle such AIOps tasks.

Its engineer’s salary is near 21 lakh per annum.

The growth in this role is really good. That’s why it comes under the top 10 list.

GitOps engineer – GitOps is a concept to manage infrastructure and application configurations using Git.

GitOps adoption is increasing day by day. With the adoption, the job role of GitOps engineers is also increasing.

GitOps salary is also like 15 lakhs per annum and as per the report, a senior post employee has a salary of 45 lakh in a year.

GitOps is showing tremendous growth in the market. So it is one of the highest-paying jobs.

MlOps engineer – The main focus of MLOPs is to deploy and maintain machine learning models in production.

MlOps provides the center of excellence to AI.

MLOps is standing for machine learning for operations.

To manage the current levels of AI adoption and scale in order to leverage the new opportunities, every organization needs a better way to deploy and manage the lifecycle of all their production models across the organization.

MLOps engineer’s salary in India is 11, 40,000 per annum.

It is expected that MLOps demand will increase even more. So, yes MLOps has also come under high-paying jobs.

DataOps engineer – DataOps is a data management practice, mainly focused on improving the communication, integration, and automation of data flows between data managers and data consumers across an organization.

DataOps market is growing like a tsunami of social media and its demand is increasing day by day.

The future gets secure when you work in such kinds of roles.

The DataOps engineer’s salary in India is Rs 7,78,290 per year.

Data has become very important these days, every company uses data to make their operations workflow seamlessly.

Artificial intelligence engineer – Artificial intelligence is the ability of a machine to perform tasks without interfering with humans. It can use machine learning to learn new things and to understand things. It is like a brain to AI.

As AI is getting popular, the demand for AI engineers is also increasing. It has been seen the demand has already increased and so many companies are hiring AI engineers.

That’s why AI certification has become important to get an advantage in interviews and to get the proper skillsets of AI work.

The principal data scientist salary is Rs 17, 11, 180 and to Computer scientists Rs 16,24, 615.

Machine learning engineer – It is the study of computer algorithms that can improve themselves automatically by the use of data.

According to reports, it is expecting the growth will continue to a CAGR of 33.49 percent by 2023.

The time is being changed. AI, machine learning times are coming. So there are huge chances of career growth in this field.

Machine learning engineer’s salary is 8, 42, 482 per annum in India.

Certifications are a must. As it helps to clear the interview as well as to gain sound knowledge.

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