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READ 1. SIF-Book: How to Get Peace, when marriage is on rocks, available at
  2. MRA’s blogs: – Virag Dhulia, Jinesh Zaveri,
  3. YouTube: TV Interviews of MRAs
  4. Books: Myth of Male Power; Secrets of Manhood by Virag.
Know your Guides Rukma Chary +919535109509
  Anil Kumar +91 9845143724
  And also SIFF helpline of other cities where cases are filed.
DOs 1. Be a Men’s Rights Activists – Fight For YOUR rights every second.
  2. Don’t FIGHT against the SYSTEM- ENGAGE with the System
  3. Fight an Extremely Defensive Battle initially.
  4. The battle is 90% Mind game and 10% Legal.
  5. Fight a battle of Attrition, not a battle of Escalation.
  7. Protect important documents and evidence first.
  8. Take control of your cases, Don’t leave everything to the Lawyer
  9. Live life at a time – Plan for 15 days.
  10. Find and help your Buddies, do blogging. Write letters/comments to media.
  11. Be regular to the meetings.
  12. Participate in Letter Campaigns.
  13. Attend and contribute to DHARNAS
DON’Ts 1. Don’t expect easy/quick/safe exit from marital problems.
  2. Don’t expect MAGIC to happen.
  3. Don’t apply divorce.
  4. Don’t have high EXPECTATIONS from judiciary, police & lawyers.
  5. Don’t blind believe Lawyers & Police.
  6. Do not quit your Job.
Important Dates 1. Your Birthday –Share & celebrate with us.
  2. International Men’s Day – 19th November.
  3. Father’s Day – Third Sunday of every June.
  4. Children’s Day – 14th Nov.
Beware and understand Bail, DV Act, 2005, 498a IPC, CrPC 125, IrBM, CrPC 41B, CrPC 488, 375 IPC, HMA 24,