What are the top and best website to learn DevOps online?

DevOps Institute - Cloud Academy

Let’s first understand what is DevOps. DevOps is the collaboration between Dev and Ops team. It has been introduced to remove the vulnerability of traditional practices. It is a cultral shift. Basically it intends to apply continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment, continuous development, and continuous monitoring, so the organization can achieve the goal efficiently and effectively. It automate things as much as possible. It builds high quality software in less time and cost.

Best website to learn DevOps online

  • DevOpsSchool
  • ScmGalaxy
  • BestDevOps
  • DevOpsSConsulting.in
  • Cotocus
  • AI universe


The DevOps Certification Training Program from DevOpsSchool is a live, certified, and instructor-led online training, provide in-depth knowledge of various DevOps tools via a completely hands-on approach. Classes run for approx 4 months with hands-on demos using virtual machines. Vast course content with case studies provide real scenarios knowledge, and those passing the training receive a DevOps engineer certificate recognized by IT companies. A certified practitioner will be well-versed in best practices in CI/CD, continuous testing, configuration management, and continuous world. For more info. contact www.devosschool.com


ScmGalaxy offers several courses and career track programs for DevOps ranging from an basic to advanceed level. The DevOps Master Program is four months long and features real-world projects from industry experts and seasoned, real-world instructors that work in DevOps for major companies. In addition, the program features technical mentors, career coaches, and a flexible learning program. This program is for IT professionals and all software engineers looking to increase their knowledge in DevOps workflows and architecture. For more info. contact www.scmgalaxy.com


BestDevOps is very old institute who has helped so many participants so far. In it’s DevOps training, students will learn how to use open-source tools like Git, Docker, Kubernetes, and Jenkins to automate deployment of web and microservice applications to public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. The course is pretty extensive with sections including a DevOps overview, DevOps tools, Docker containers and microservices, Kubernetes, Automating Deployment and Version Testing, and CI/CD pipelines. Classes will be delivered online. For more info. contact www.bestdevops.com


The DevOps training course from DevOpsSConsulting is offered with video or live training options. It’s designed to provide a strong foundation on various aspects of software development and operations, continuous integration, virtualization, configuration management, etc. This course provides a hands-on practice with real-time scenarios and takes more than 60 hours for instructor-led online training. Students get lifetime access to LMS and, upon successful completion, they get awarded with a completion certificate from DevOpsSConsulting. For more info. contact www.DevOpsSConsulting.in


The DevOps Certification and Training Course from Cotocus is geared to attaining expertise in the principles of continuous development and deployment, automation of configuration management, inter-team collaboration, and IT service agility. This course features 60+ hours of in-depth blended learning, 3 real industry projects with demo sessions using modern DevOps tools such as Git, Docker, Jenkins, Cucumber, Ansible, TeamCity, and Nagios. Students also get lifetime access to videos and 24/7 support tehnical support. with dedicated project mentoring sessions For more info. contact www.Cotocus.com


AiUniverse DevOps certification training course is geared to master on all aspects of software development and the DevOps tools that are most widely used. There are 250 hours of self-paced videos, instructor-led online classes, 60 hours of exercises and project works, and job assistance etc., available along with 24 X 7 technical support for life time. Practical sessions, case studies, and projects will be performed on the AWS Cloud with course support for tier setup. This institute has 15+ years of experienced IT trainers who are well trained and knowledgeable to build your career. So , of you are looking for any training institute contact it. For more info. contact www.AiUniverse.com

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