Delhi University’s highest cut-off at 99% for Political Science in Hindu College


The Delhi University announced its first cut-off list for admission to undergraduate courses late on Thursday night with Hindu College pegging the highest score of 99% for Political Science Honours.

Lady Shri Ram (LSR) College came a close second with a cut-off of 98.75% for BA Programme and Psychology Honours.

Hindu College also has the highest cut-off for science courses at 98.3% for Physics Honours.

According to the admission rules, applicants need to study the cut-off list, select courses and colleges on the university website, get a print of the admission slip and finally approach the respective colleges with it and required documents.

The highest cut-off last year was 98.75% for BA Programme in LSR College. It was followed by Delhi College of Arts and Commerce with a cut-off of 98.5% for BA (Honours) in Journalism and 98.25% for BA (Honours) in Psychology in LSR College.

Depending on the availability of seats after the first list, the university colleges issue second and, where needed, third cut-off lists.

Set up in 1922, Delhi University is the one of the biggest and most respected universities in India. It has 77 affiliated colleges and five other institutions spread across the city as well as 16 faculties and 86 departments.