CA students end protest after ICAI announces committee to look into exam processes


After camping outside the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) since Monday, CA aspirants ended their protest on Thursday following the constitution of an independent committee to look into examination processes.

The ICAI told media that it has “decided to constitute a high-level independent committee to look into the examination processes/regulations governing CA examinations including Regulation 39(4) of the Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 and suggest changes wherever required in the ICAI Examination System.”

The five-member committee includes, PC Jain, government nominee, convenor; Justice (CA) Anil R Dave, former judge, Supreme Court; (CA) Ved Jain, Past President, ICAI; (CA) Amarjit Chopra, Past President, ICAI and (CA) Girish Ahuja, renowned educationist.

“Rakesh Sehgal, Acting Secretary, ICAI will act as Secretary to this Committee.”

Following the announcement, the students called off the protest, saying they are happy and hopeful that a positive change will come.

Speaking to IANS, one of the students protesting outside the institute said this committee formation is a small step in the right direction. “There will be more positive change as we feel our demands are justified,” said the 29-year-old, requesting anonymity.

Close to 1,000 students were protesting outside the institute since Monday demanding amendment in exam laws to add re-checking. Claiming that the evaluation of answer sheets were not done properly, the students have been camping outside the institute between 11 am and 5 pm, saying there should be a change in law and re-checking of the answer sheets should be allowed and not just re-evaluation.

The students have been demanding amendment of Section 39 (4) of The Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1998.

The exam act says the students can only apply for re-evaluation and not re-checking.

“We are only provided information on whether our answer has been marked or not. We cannot do anything even if we feel we are marked less for some answers. There is no provision for us to do anything if we feel we are given less marks,” Gautam, another student who was sitting for the exam for the past eight years, told IANS.

Gautam, hailing from Bihar, said this has been happening for several years now.

On being asked why such a mass protest this time, he said all the students do not attend classes at the same time, so they are not organized.

“There is no union or student group. We have been complaining about this. The protest happened as we became hopeless.”

The teachers also supported the students this time, he added.

“Last month the results came and since then students have been filing RTI. We came together after we got copies through RTI,” Gautam said, adding the body is collecting Rs 500 per copy.

He said after they started the protest in Delhi, students in other states have also came out and about 12 lakh students are making this demand across the country.

“Sitting here daily between 11 (a.m.) and 5 (p.m.) is difficult for all. But we are coming here and those who are not here are extending support on social media. Still close to 1,000 students take part in the protest daily.”

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