selecting the great microphone for recording video is important. If the audio in your video is terrible nice, visitors will drop off very quickly.

Having the right microphone for recording video is a superb area to begin. but how do you understand which microphone is going to serve your needs best with such a lot of alternatives to choose from? With this in mind, we wanted to recognise how extraordinary microphones stack up towards each other.

  1. SE Electronics sE2200a II C Condenser Microphone

This XLR mic isn’t a name so as to roll off the tongue. but, this microphone has a extremely good common sound for both a male and lady voice. Coming in at $280, it is nicely worth its value.The Microphone is an XLR microphone, and it needs to be powered.

This indicates you should have a mixer that gives power and accepts an XLR enter. For Andrea’s recording, we felt like we had to add a bit little bit of low stop (bass). We examined adding bass in a one-of-a-kind recording via a mixing board and felt it greater the excellent of the mic even extra. this could be performed the usage of an audio modifying program as nicely.

  1. Audio-Technica AT875R Line + Gradient Condenser Microphone

This XLR microphone changed into a wonder performer throughout our assessments. This microphone has a small stature, but a incredible sound. As a shotgun mic, it has a line and gradient select-up pattern.

This indicates it rejects a variety of noise from the side and may be very directional.when you have someone controlling the location of the mic, that is a advantageous. however, when you have an man or woman that tends to move as they talk, this can affect the recording. basic, coming in at $169, this mic appears like a very good fee.

  1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver

The Blue Yeti is a USB microphone and has a fee tag of $129. This microphone has a great sound and collected minimum history noise in our quiet environment.

If seems rely and you need to impress your colleagues and boss, the Yeti is an excellent (and hefty microphone) and might be first on the listing. The Yeti additionally gives a few unique options now not supplied with the aid of the previously-noted microphones, such as a transfer for diverse polar styles.

Similarly to four polar styles, there may be also a three.5-millimeter headphone jack that allows you to display the input of what you’re recording in actual-time. Our only frustration turned into it wasn’t smooth to mount to a mic stand. you could effortlessly put off it from the supplied base, but the length of the mount for the Yeti didn’t match our microphone stand. you could get an adapter, but that’s some thing you’ll want to attend to earlier than your recording session.

  1. Blue Snowball – USB

The next microphone on our listing is the Blue Snowball. normal, we did a number of comparing of the Snowball to the Yeti, and the Snowball wasn’t too far behind. Coming in at around $sixty nine greenbacks, it’s absolutely a first rate microphone for anyone on a tight finances.

We clearly like that the Snowball had suitable volume to it. for the reason that we set the input and stored it constant, some mics have been quite low and hard to hear, but the Snowball had a variety of volume. If we were going to use the Snowball consistently, i’d modify the enter stage down on my computer.

  1. Zoom H4N Multitrack Recorder

The Zoom H4N is a completely unique kind of microphone. it’s miles each a microphone and a recorder. you may use it to record sounds, voice-overs, and interviews at once to an SD card, or you may plug in and report from up to two XLR microphones. considering the fact that we’ve a Zoom, we thought we’d provide it a attempt as a standalone microphone.

The sound quality is pretty exact, although it did choose up lots of popping sounds at some stage in the voice over. This problem could be remedied with a pop clear out.

Overall, the Zoom is a flexible tool which can go everywhere you go. On video shoots, we plug a wi-fi lapel mic at once into the camera, however installation the Zoom with another mic (usually a shotgun) to get a 2nd audio source.