Best and Experienced DevOps Trainer in Pune

What is DevOps

DevOps without DevOps tools. Once upon a time, a group of people… | by  Jagatveer Singh | FAUN Publication

DevOps is an IT philosophy that promotes software developers and IT operations to communicate, collaborate, integrate, and automate in order to increase the pace and quality of product delivery.

To increase delivery predictability, efficiency, security, and maintainability, DevOps teams standardize development environments and automate delivery procedures. The DevOps philosophy gives developers more control over the production environment and a better grasp of the infrastructure. DevOps promotes teams to build, validate, deliver, and support their own apps with autonomy. When it comes to DevOps, nothing is “thrown over the wall.”

DevOps tools

Operating Systems – Centos/Ubuntu & VirtualBox & Vagrant
Cloud – AWS
Containers – Docker
Planning and Designing – Jira & Confulence
Backend Programming Language 1 – App Dev with Java/Springboot with mysql DB
Backend Programming Language 2 – App Dev with Python/Flask with mysql DB
Source Code Versioning – Git using Github
Code Analysis & Securing Code (SAST) – SonarQube & – OWASP SonarQube
Build Management – Maven and Gradle
Package Management – Packer & Artifactory
Unit Testing & Acceptance Testing & Coverage Web applications – Junit & Selenium & Jacoco
Webserver – Apache HTTP & Nginx
Configuration & Deployment Management – Ansible
Securing infra & compliance – Chef InSpec
Container Orchestration – Kubernetes & Helm Introduction
Infrastructure Coding – Terraform
Services mesh Data planes & Control Planes– Envoy & Istio
Network configurations and Service Discovery – Consul
Continuous Integration – Jenkins
Securing credentials – HashiCorp Vault & SSL & Certificates
Securing Containers & Kubernetes (RASP) – Falco & Notary
Infrastructure Monitoring Tool 1 – Datadog
Infrastructure Monitoring Tool 2 – Prometheus with Grafana
Log Monitoring Tool 1 – Splunk
Log Monitoring Tool 2 – ELK stake
Performance & RUM Monitoring – NewRelic
Emergency Response & Alerting & Chat & Notification – SMTP, SES, SNS, Pagerduty & Slack – Pagerduty & Slack
Security Through Logs 1 – Splunk SIEM
Security Through Logs 2 – Elasticsearch with Kibana Security
Cloud Security service & Practices – Cloud Security with AWS service

Best and Experienced DevOps Trainer in Pune

Well finding a best trainer is like finding a needle in grass, It’s true because everyone claims to be best. But in actual who is best. Do you know? i was also not aware of that. But now I know a name.

It’s Rajesh. Rajesh is Pune’s best and most experienced DevOps trainer. He has more than 15 years of experience working with more than 8 software MNCs in software development/maintenance and production environments, where he was involved in continuous improvement and automation of the entire life cycle using the latest DevOps tools and techniques, from design and architecture to deployment and successful operations.

Also, offering coaching, mentoring, and consulting in DevOps, CI/CD, cloud, containers, SRE, DevSecOps, Microservices, and Operations to more than 70 software companies across the world.

He assists software organizations in improving software quality, lowering software development/operational costs, and providing quick feedback/monitoring. Have extensive project implementation experience in a variety of domains.

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