5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for SET Exam

Source: freepressjournal.in

SET Exam, which stands for Symbiosis Entrance Test, is conducted in the month of May every year and thousands of students from across the nation appear for this entrance examination. The SET exam covers various programs that are offered by Symbiosis International Deemed University. These include BBA, BCA, BA, BSc, etc. There are nearly 80 centres across the country that conduct this entrance exam.

While preparing for the SET exam, a lot of students tend to make mistakes and thereby lose upon the chance to enrol in this coveted university. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes that can be avoided while preparing for the SET exam.

Not Following a Scheduled Plan

A lot of students start planning for the SET exam in advance and begin chalking out a plan in order to be meticulous about the preparation. As time passes, they usually tend to keep the plan aside and prepare as they go. This can be one of the primary reasons for not being able to crack the exam. In order to be completely prepared for the exam, it is important to stick to the plan and ensure that it is executed in the right way without any deviation. This has to be followed until the last day of preparation.

Using Too Much Study Material

As much as preparation is important, it is equally dangerous to prepare from a number of sources. When students start preparing for the SET exam, they need to try and stick to 1 or 2 sources of study. This will help in avoiding clutter and confusion while preparing. There is always a tendency to buy what everyone is using and refer to all the books at once. This can be avoided by ensuring that only a single source is relied upon from start to end. Entrance exams are not about too much information but about the thoroughness of the limited information available. This has to be kept in mind while preparing for the SET exam.

Ignoring Self-Study

Students generally enrol in some form of coaching for entrance examinations like SET. While this can be of immense help, it is equally important to focus on self-study. In the end, what matters is the level of preparation of the student. Self-study will help in easily cracking the exam because the student can address any form of question as long as his or her concepts are clear.

Not Taking Adequate Mock Tests

Students tend to take a few mock tests and expect them to be sufficient for a holistic preparation. Tests are supposed to be focused towards the end of preparation and no number of tests are enough. The more the practice tests a student is able to take, the better are his chances of cracking the exam.

Getting Distracted by Social Media

While preparing for any form of exam, be it entrance exam or even a sports match, students should try and stay away from social media. This is one of the most common mistakes made by students and the usage of mobile phones and social media act as a hindrance in concentration and focus.

Preparing for the SET exam is easier as compared to staying focused and having a positive mind-set until the actual exam day. All of the above-mentioned aspects should be kept in mind in order to crack the SET exam.