Jaisalmer which is also known as the ‘Golden City of India’ is situated in the midst of Thar Desert. The city acquired its name due to the golden sand dunes that are also the identity of the place. If there is a picture of desert that comes to your mind when you think about Rajasthan Tours, then definitely Jaisalmer is the place where you can surely visit to quench your tourism thirst. Jaisalmer is also a declared ‘World Heritage Site’ due to its beautiful yellow sand dunes. Sand is not the only thing that you can find here. There are very famous Havelis, Palaces and Forts in the city that draws tourist attraction towards it. Other than this temples of the city are the great attraction for the visitors. It is the best place to have the true essence of Rajasthani culture. Below are the few main places of attractions in Jaisalmer.

Desert Culture Center and Museum: It is the treasure trunk of Jaisalmer filled with the jewels of heritage and architecture. Amazing collection of ancient and medieval coins, traditional instruments, utensils, beautiful woven textiles and certain fossil extracts are the main artifacts that steal the show in the museum. If you want to feel the real royal legacy of Rajasthan from close then this place is the perfect destination for you.

Salim Singh Ki Haveli: Haveli and forts are the main attraction of Rajasthan, so how this beautiful golden city can lag behind in this. The famous Salim Singh Ki Haveli is the best magnificent location that you can explore here. The Haveli is recognized for its unique and mesmerizing architecture.

Patwa Ki Haveli: If you are in Jaisalmer then your trip is not completed till you visit Patwaon Ki Haveli. It is also known as the ‘mansion of brocade merchants’. The USP of this place is that it is not a single Haveli but a combination of five different Havelis.

Camel Safari: Well, if there is a sand, camel are but obvious for the place. If you happen to be in Rajasthan tours of Jaisalmer, then don’t forget to have a ride on camel’s back in the sand dunes. The beautiful attire of camels will definitely mesmerize you.

To see the best of Jaisalmer, you are required to touch these famous points of attraction in the city. These are the reasons why people from across the world come here for a mesmerizing experience that they can wonder for their lifetime.

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