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The rules provide for a format for application under RTI Act called Form-A, which is attached herewith.

2. FEES:

A. Application fee: Rs.10/- to be paid by bank’s demand draft or pay order or Indian Postal Order in favour of State Public Information Officer or in cash against receipt or money order. Applicants holding BPL certificate need not pay any application fee.

B. Other charges: Information in A-3 or A-4 size paper….Rs.2 per page, Large size: actual cost, publications: actual cost. Floppy or CD Rs.50/- per floppy/CD. Inspection: Rs.20/- each half-hour with first hour free plus charges determined by SPIO.

Other charges can be paid by Bank Demand Draft/banker’s cheque/bank pay order, Indian postal order in favour of “State Public Information Officer” or in cash against receipt or money order [added on 30-07-2010].

SPECIAL NOTE: Please confine to one subject matter per application and queries should not exceed 150 words.


No format for first appeal is stipulated. Appellants can use format prescribed for second appeal by deleting item No. 5.

RTI rules have provided for format for second appeal and complaint. No fees are charged for appeals/complaint. Note: No second appeal can be filed without first exhausting first appeal remedy u/s 19.1 [ notification dated 22-10-2011]

4. Address of State Information Commission:

Karnataka Information Commission,
3rd Floor, 3rd Stage, Multistoried Buildings
Dr.Ambedkar Road, Bangalore – 560001.

5. Contact details of Commission:
Phone: 080-22371191

6. Present Chief Information Commissioner:
Shri K. K. Mishra
Phone :080-22371191 FAX:080-22371192 email:
7. NGO active in Karnataka for RTI


2. JSD PANI, President, Mahiti Hakku Jagruiti Vedike – A group of RTI Activists, # 168, Chelakere, Kalyananagar, Bangalore 560043, Ph; 080-41616183, Cell: 9845309028

8. Format for RTI Application:


FORM-A (section 6(1) and 7(1) of the RTI Act, 2005)

1. Full Name of the Applicant:

2. Address:

3. Details of the document/ Inspection/ Samples required:

4. Year to which the above pertains:

5. Designation and Address of the SPIO from whom information is required:

Date: Place: Signature of Applicant

Encl: DD/PO/IPO No. _____________ for Rs.10/- fvg State Public Information Officer.

9. Format for Second Appeal to KIC:

(Appeal and documents to be submitted in triplicate)

1 Name and Address of the Appellant: (in capital letters)

2 Name Designation and Address of the Respondent. (SPIO against the decision of whom the appeal is preferred)

3 Particulars of the order including number, if any, against which the
appeal is preferred (self attested copies of the orders or documents in
three sets)

4 Brief facts leading to appeal

5 If the appeal is preferred against deemed rejection, the particulars of the first appeal including number and date and name and address of the First Appellate Authority to whom the first appeal was made

6 Prayer or relief sought

7 Grounds for the prayer or relief

8 Verification by the appellant

9 An index of the documents referred to in the appeal in triplicate.

10 Any other information which may be necessary for deciding the appeal

Place: Date: Signature of Appellant

10. Format for Complaint to KIC:

COMPLAINT UNDER SECTION 18(1) OF THE R.T.I. ACT, 2005 AND UNDER RULE 7 OF THE KARNATAKA RTI [AME] RULES 2006(Complaint and documents to be submitted in triplicate)

1. Name and Address of the Complainant (in capital letters)

2. Name and Address of the SPIO against the decision of whom the complaint is preferred

3. Brief facts leading to complaint under the section 18(1) (a)/ (b)/ (c)/(d)/ (e)/and (f) the complaint is preferred.

4. The particulars of the application, including number and date and name and address of the SPIO to whom the application for made and against whom the complaint is preferred (3copies)

5. Prayer or relief sought

6. Grounds for the prayer or relief (copies of documents relied upon by the complainant and referred to in the complaint, self attested three copies)

7. Verification by the complainant (3 copies)

8. An index of the documents referred to in the complaint in triplicate.

9. Any other information which may be necessary for deciding the complaint

Place: Date:

Signature of Complainant

Tips To Find Leading Local Packers And Movers Household Shifting Services In Bangalore

Packers And Movers Bangalore Local

It is really difficult to plan for the shifting as it requires much concentration and much stress involved in the whole process of shifting. And the shifting to place cannot be successful without making a proper decision at the right time, and the detailing of safe transportation with the best packing stuff to the Reliable Packers and Movers Bangalore for the shifting. and definitely when it comes about choosing the Best Packers and movers Bangalore we fail many a times and we are not able to look for the one which would be the best suitable according to our requirement, so it also becomes a main concern about choosing the best relocation Company in Bangalore especially for the household shifting because we have much of the stuff that needs to be shifted and even each and everything requires full attention so that none of the thing gets damaged or braked while shifting. So we need to look on the steps that how we can find the Reliable Packers and Movers Bangalore:

1. Consult your friends and relatives

When it comes about online booking of the relocation Companies in Bangalore and we have to search for the best Packers and Movers Bangalore then taking suggestions from the experienced person is the great option because they know each and everything better as they have looked to every point from so close, and hence they can give you the right advice and you will not be making the same mistake which has been made by themselves earlier. So take advice from the friends and relatives and it is better if they can suggest you some good options for the shifting in Bangalore.

2. Surf on the Internet

Searching on the internet is much important thing because there you would come to know about the new emerging Packers and Movers Bangalore Companies and if they have come up with the new facilities and services which could add on an advantage to your shifting. So as deeper you will dig that much information you will get and that much you will be successful to find the best shifting company in Bangalore.

3. Choose certified Packers and Movers Bangalore Certification is the most important things that are required in the Relocation Company because without any certification the shifting will be illegal and you will be having a lot of risk in shifting from one place to another. So the better things is that you check the Companies certification in advance so that there is no risk involved in your shifting process and you can shift all your stuff without any tension and you be sure that the Packers and Movers Bangalore Company is genuine and you going on the right path of the shifting process. The certified relocation Company also ensures you that they are the trusted organization and you have no risk in shifting with them and even there is no risk for your luggage and the belongings.

4. Take quotations

Asking for the quotations in advance is really important because sometimes the Packers and Movers in Bangalore Company is running through the best deal and discounts and when you come to know about that then you can simply save on some money, and if there is no such discounts then also going with the different quotations helps you to adjust your budget as they have different kinds of quotations according to the customers requirement.

5. Discuss your requirements

Putting your requirements in front of the Packers and Movers Bangalore is really necessary as by this you show them that what actually you need for the shifting purpose and then they will be able to provide that or not. Two way communications is really important because through that only you can make your requirements in front of them and then only they would understand your situation.

6. Invite the movers for the pre-visit

When you decide three to four vendors for your shifting purpose so just call them to visit your house and take the survey so that they can have a rough estimation about the charges that how much time it would take to shift and how much material will be required to pack the whole stuff, and hence could provide you the approximation and then it will help you to find the best one from the three.

7. Get everything in writing You can’t be sure about anything which has been discussed over the phone, first things that the deals need to be confirm face to face and it should be given in writing that what terms and conditions are applied on it, and what facilities have been decided in what charges. So get your deal in writing so that you have a proof and no one can deny from it.

Packers And Movers Ambedkar Veedhi Bangalore Bangalore
Packers And Movers Anandnagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Gandhi Nagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Hsr Layout Bangalore
Packers And Movers Kalyannagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Adugodi Bangalore
Packers And Movers AF Station Yelahanka Bangalore
Packers And Movers Agara Bangalore
Packers And Movers Air Force Hospital Bangalore
Packers And Movers Amruthahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Anekal Bangalore
Packers And Movers Anekalbazar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Arabic College Bangalore
Packers And Movers Aranya Bhavan Bangalore
Packers And Movers Ashoknagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Attibele Bangalore
Packers And Movers Attur Bangalore
Packers And Movers Austin Town Bangalore
Packers And Movers Avalahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Avani Sringeri Bangalore
Packers And Movers BSK II Stage Bangalore
Packers And Movers Avenue Road Bangalore
Packers And Movers BSF Campus Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bagalgunte Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bagalur Bangalore
Packers And Movers Balepete Bangalore
Packers And Movers Banashankari Bangalore
Packers And Movers Banashankari 3 Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bandikodigehalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Banaswadi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Air Port Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bangalore Bazaar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bangalore City Bangalore
Packers And Movers Corporation Building Bangalore
Packers And Movers Dist Offices BLDG Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bangalore Fort Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bannerghatta Road Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bapujinagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Basavanagudi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Basavaraja Market Bangalore
Packers And Movers Basaveshwaranagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bellandur Bangalore
Packers And Movers kr Puram Bangalore
Packers And Movers Benson Town Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bestamaranahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bettahalsur Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bhashyam Circle Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bhattarahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bidaraguppe Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bidrahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Viswavidalaya Bangalore
Packers And Movers Bommanahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Brigade Road Bangalore
Packers And Movers Byatarayanapura Bangalore
Packers And Movers CV Raman Nagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers CMP Centre School Bangalore
Packers And Movers Cahmrajendrapet Bangalore
Packers And Movers Chamrajpet Bangalore
Packers And Movers Chickpet Bangalore
Packers And Movers Chikkabettahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Chikkajala Bangalore
Packers And Movers Chikkalasandra Bangalore
Packers And Movers Chunchanakuppe Bangalore
Packers And Movers Cubban Road Bangalore
Packers And Movers Deepanjalinagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Devanagundi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Devarjeevanahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Devasandra Bangalore
Packers And Movers Dharmaram College Bangalore
Packers And Movers Doddagubbi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Doddajala Bangalore
Packers And Movers Doddakallasandra Bangalore
Packers And Movers Doddanekkundi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Domlur Bangalore
Packers And Movers Dommasandra Bangalore
Packers And Movers Doorvaninagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Electronics City Bangalore
Packers And Movers Fraser Town Bangalore
Packers And Movers Avani Sringeri Mutt Bangalore
Packers And Movers Hulimavu Bangalore
Packers And Movers Hunasamaranahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Madhavan Park Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mahadevapura Bangalore
Packers And Movers Magadi Road Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mahalakshmipuram Layout Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mahatma Gandhi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Malkand Lines Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mallathahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Malleswaram Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mandalay Lines Bangalore
Packers And Movers Marathahalli Colony Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mico Layout Bangalore
Packers And Movers Milk Colony Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mount St Joseph Bangalore
Packers And Movers Msrit Bangalore
Packers And Movers Mundur Bangalore
Packers And Movers Museum Road Bangalore
Packers And Movers Muthusandra Bangalore
Packers And Movers Nal Bangalore
Packers And Movers Naduvathi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Nagarbhavi Bangalore
Packers And Movers Nagasandra Bangalore
Packers And Movers Nagavara Bangalore
Packers And Movers Nandinilayout Bangalore
Packers And Movers Narasimharaja Colony Bangalore
Packers And Movers Narayan Pillai Street Bangalore
Packers And Movers Nayandahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Neralur Bangalore
Packers And Movers New Tharaggupet Bangalore
Packers And Movers New Tharaggupet Bangalore
Packers And Movers Okalipuram Bangalore
Packers And Movers Kavalbyrasandra Bangalore
Packers And Movers Padmanabhnagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Panathur Bangalore
Packers And Movers Pasmpamahakavi Road Bangalore
Packers And Movers Peenya Stage Bangalore
Packers And Movers RT Nagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Rajajinagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Rajanakunte Bangalore
Packers And Movers Rajarajeshwarinagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Rajbhavan Bangalore
Packers And Movers Ramachandrapuram Bangalore
Packers And Movers Ramakrishna Hegde Nagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Ramamurthy Nagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Rameshnagar Bangalore
Packers And Movers Richmond Town Bangalore
Packers And Movers Yelachenahalli Bangalore
Packers And Movers Yelahanka Bangalore
Packers And Movers Yemalur Bangalore
Packers And Movers Yeswanthpura Bangalore

Districts of Karnataka and their official Govt Websites

Districts of Karnataka and their official Govt Websites

BRBangalore Rural*
BNBangalore Urban*
CBChikballapur DistrictChikballapur*
DKDakshina KannadaMangalore*
HVHaveri DistrictHaveri**
RARaichur DistrictRaichur*
UKUttara KannadaKarwar*******

Districts of Karnataka

CodeDistrictHeadquarter(s)Population (2001)Area (km²)Density (/km²)
BDBidar DistrictBidar1,501,3745,448276
BGBelgaum DistrictBelgaum4,207,26413,415314
BJBijapur DistrictBijapur1,808,86310,517172
BKBagalkot DistrictBagalkot1,652,2326,583251
BLBellary DistrictBellary2,025,2428,439240
BRBangalore Rural DistrictBangalore1,877,4165,815323
BNBangalore Urban districtBangalore6,523,1102,1902,979
CJChamarajnagar DistrictChamarajanagar964,2755,102189
CBChikballapur DistrictChikballapur
CKChikmagalur DistrictChikmagalur1,139,1047,201158
CTChitradurga DistrictChitradurga1,510,2278,437179
DADavanagere DistrictDavanagere1,789,6935,926302
DHDharwad DistrictDharwad1,603,7944,265376
DKDakshina KannadaMangalore1,896,4034,559416
GAGadag DistrictGadag971,9554,651209
GUGulbarga DistrictGulbarga3,124,85816,224193
HSHassan DistrictHassan1,721,3196,814253
HVHaveri DistrictHaveri1,437,8604,825298
KLKolar DistrictKolar2,523,4068,223307
KPKoppal DistrictKoppal1,193,4967,190166
MAMandya DistrictMandya1,761,7184,961355
MYMysore DistrictMysore2,624,9116,854383
RARaichur DistrictRaichur1,648,2126,839241
RMRamanagaram District
SHShimoga DistrictShimoga1,639,5958,495193
TUTumkur DistrictTumkur2,579,51610,598243
UDUdupi DistrictUdupi1,109,4943,879286
UKUttara KannadaKarwar1,353,29910,291132

RTI useful Url

State wise Websites and their RTI links

Karnataka RTI online

FEES for Public Authorities under the Karnataka RTI Rules

FEES for Public Authorities under the Karnataka RTI Rules:

Application Fee (Sec 6(1))

  • Rs. 10.00 per application under Sec 6(1) No fee for BPL category.

Fees to be paid by Cash, Bankers Cheque, Demand Draft or IPO payable to “State Public Information Officer” or designated officer OR By Remitting to Treasury under Karnataka Finance Code (KFC)

Further Fees (Sec 7(1), 7(3), 7(5))

  • Rs. 2.00 for each page created or copied (A3 or A4 size)
  • Actual charge or cost price in larger size paper
  • Actual cost or price for samples and models
  • Rs. 50.00 for each Floppy CD or any other electronic mode
  • As per price fixed for the Publication available for sale, or photocopy charges of Rs. 2.00 per page
  • First hour of inspection is free and Rs. 20.00 for each subsequent half hour or fraction thereof

cost-effective and reliable Packers and Movers services

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– Create an itemized deal: always go for an itemized cope and not verbal to prevent any disturbance at the end. There might be some organizations that could end up modifying or improve their costs from what they approximated originally so always indication an itemized cope and secured against making an investment any more income. After the released cope is designed fix a lot of your power interval and aspect over the submission to them. If you strictly try this assistance then it is sure that your moving will become faster and much easier and less attempt getting. There are a lot of well known moving organizations trying to help you in moving your useful elements of a more efficiently properly secured and smarter way.

Mover and Packers in Hyderabad has been one such name amongst the top organizations in industry. With an comprehensive variety of workers, they cook for you, the best outstanding the best great high quality of solutions which also contains additional solutions like storage area space area position   place and warehousing, ODC transportation etc. hence, if you are looking for the right packers for you, choose them and build your moving a better and happier one.

Best Colleges for Executive MBA in Bangalore

Note – This blog is under writing.

College Name – IIM Bangalore
Program – PGSEM
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Christ College
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University Name – IGNOU
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Total Family Moving Solution with Packers and Movers Bangalore

Moving home is one of the tedious tasks. You will find therefore several difficulties which can be associated with moving and shifting. Nevertheless moving is of different types like house move, company moving, commercial relocation, car transportation etc. but amongst these numerous separation forms family relocation is the most difficult things. And it’s because there are various goods and all are of different types hence to deal up with altogether at a time can be a tough business. And in this rush of earning every thing great and terminating it to an optimistic result injuries and failures are for sure. Thus if you have a desire for safe and number damage separation it is definitely suggested to choose moving companies. movers and packers bangalore        

packers and movers bangalore

Bangalore the capital of India is one of many biggest metropolitan in India. The town home significantly more than huge numbers of people and it is because they come to the city for a betterment of these job and career. But living and possibilities don’t halt at Bangalore; hence persons always find better possibility to other areas as well. In exactly the same way those who reside in Bangalore proceed to another town to locate anything really beneficial to their career. And in that betterment of opportunity they modify their place. Whenever a person tends to relocate he likes to take his belongings alongwith and it is basically because its easy to stay in the newest position at the faster charge with previous goods.

If you should be also residing in Bangalore and wish to shift within the city or external its line then the first thing that you need for an appropriate household separation is adroit packers and movers in Bangalore. Going companies are always a great aid in all of the complex techniques of shifting. Whether an individual wants to move total house goods or his problem is in moving with handful of services and products every one of these dreams could be fulfilled in the most effective qualified fashion by just and just skilled and properly qualified packers and movers Bangalore. It’s easier to ask friends, relatives concerning the references of the company. Besides that ads may also help to ascertain the proper service providers in going industry.

Relocation Tips In Bangalore Whether There Is A Need To Tip The Packers And Movers Bangalore Or Not

This is really a matter to think on that should the mover and the team members in the whole moving procedure should be tipped or not, as there is no rule regarding tipping the workers and the team as it totally rely on the customer that how much well satisfied he or she is from the whole services as we know it very clearly that moving from one place to another is really very stressful and it really requires much efforts to shift all the luggage and the heavy furniture from one place to another and that is the only reason that we take help from the Professional Packers and Movers Bangalore as they have much experience about the whole procedure of shifting and we cannot simply do all that kind of stressful work on our own. So if you are hiring the Packers and Movers Bangalore then it is up to you that you want to tip them for their work or not, whether they should be appreciated for the work or not and it also depends on the kind of services they serve to you and the way they treat you in the whole procedure of household shifting in Bangalore.

Packers and Movers in Bangalore

The Reason They Should Get a Tip

Why they should get the tip? What is the reason behind it? All the work that they do and the services they provide they get their payment and the salary from the Packers and Movers in Bangalore Company themselves so why we need to indulge in this procedure? But that’s not true the tip that you provide to the workers and the team show your gratitude towards them and it shows that how much satisfied you are from their work. If you think that the workers should not be tipped then why you tip the waiters and the waitresses in the hotel, and why you tip the cab drivers, it all does not comes with a reason it is all because of what you feel if you get the good service from anyone’s side. So that is the same reason that you should tip the workers and movers for the whole shifting process, so here are some of the factors by you can decide that they should get tip or not.

  • Did they arrive on the time for the whole shifting process? If yes then definitely they sound punctual then they should get the tip.
  • Did they greeted you in a well manner and asked you for the changes you want? If yes, then they deserve the tip.
  • How they were presenting themselves, are the all workers were properly representing their Company with the well fitted uniform? If yes then they deserves the tip for their discipline and the cleanliness.
  • Were all the movers and the team behaved in a friendly way to you then definitely they should get the tip.
  • How well they have served you and how well they have transported all the items inside the truck? If it was really very appreciable then you should pay the tip to them.

So if your movers have shown yes in the above mentioned questions then definitely they are the Professionals Packers and Movers in Bangalore and they have proved it you so they should be tipped properly according to their hard work and the efforts. And there are many other factors that can decide this question’s answers that the Packers and Movers Bangalore should be tipped or not.

What if you will not tip? There is no particular rule so nothing is awkward if you do not tip the workers, as they explicitly do not demand any tip from the customers and they do not expect much also but it is the desire of the customer that they want to tip or not.

How much to tip?

There is no particular amount that you can give the movers it depends on the distance and the time that has been consumed in the whole transportation process, like if it was along 8 hours then it could be 200 rupees per person and if it is more than that then you decide it accordingly. And if there was any incident in during the transportation and at that time if you have got proper support from the side of the Packers and Movers Bangalore then you can do an extra favour to them. But do not forget that you should not pay the tip on the whole just divide it and then pay it to the every single person separately as every one of them have contributed in the process of shifting and transporting with Packers and Movers Bangalore so everyone deserves that.

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